As a Christian, I’ve lived a pretty safe life. Never did drugs, didn’t party, didn’t fall “out” of faith, kept good grades, had great internships and jobs, was published my senior year of college, and did my best to follow the Word. Although for many, this might seem like quite an ordinary and mundane life, it’s nothing but filled with little bends and turns calling for immediate attention and flexibility — some that cause great joy, some that come with sorrow, and some that others may call “miracles” or simply “good fortune.”

For my husband and I, our life happened fast and adulthood came quickly, waking us up from our simple little lives. Finding out we were pregnant while we were dating is not the expected path for anyone on the outside looking in at us. We had to dig from everything we’ve been taught in the Word, from Godly examples, from our parents, and pool our knowledge about life to make quick decisions. At the time, Tucker was in-between jobs, and I lived in a tiny apartment 45 minutes away. Deciding if and when to be married, where to live, how to pay bills, where to work, how to pursue the Lord, and how to communicate our faults publicly while glorifying the Lord was quite an adventure – and still is! Although our future is quite uncertain, we know that we will trust that someone greater than us who holds all things in order will likewise hold us and our new little family together.

Our desire, in this blog, is to take you along with us on this journey, openly explaining our struggles with faith, marriage, parenthood, relationships, family, and friends.  Some entries may be completely bizarre and humorous (as both Tucker and I have quite an odd sense of humor), while other may be quite serious.

Stories change lives: especially when the pain, struggle, and emotion is completely unveiled. After all, it is the One story, God’s story, that continues to change our own — One that started with Words – spoken over infinite darkness and chaos.

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